Have a question about Homeschool Explained? You're not alone!

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the webinar & my personal answers. Don't see your specific question? Please feel free to reach out! I look forward to helping you on your homeschool journey. With Aloha, Lori Beth

1. How thorough is this webinar? Great question! Here are all the topics I cover in Homeschool Explained: Knowing Your Why, When to Start, Homeschool Styles, Curriculum (including a coupon code!), Subjects, Cost, State Laws, Umbrella Schools, Standardized Testing, Record Keeping, Homeschool Space, Community, Socialization, Overcoming Worries, Expectations, Enjoying Homeschool, Homeschooling with Younger Siblings, and Planning/Scheduling. That + the downloadable PDF contains multiple lists of resources. Any additional questions you have after you complete the webinar can be asked in the exclusive Facebook support group for webinar participants! My goal is to get your questions answered & provide you with support!

2. Do you talk about curriculum? Yes! In fact, I provide you with the names of curricula I've tried and others that are popular in support groups I'm in. I take my favorites and put them all in one place for you! There's even a discount code available for one of them!

3. What's in the webinar? I wanted an easy to follow format--no click throughs or funnels leading you to other things. It's a 3 hour video + a 28 page downloadable, full color PDF filled with resources, information, terms, and tips! This webinar is straight forward: one video and one beautiful, organized document to support it. All the info, all in one place.

4. I want to know more about planning, does this webinar cover that? Yes! I talk about planning and record keeping in the webinar. I even show you the inside of my own homeschool planner!

5. Why isn't this free? Friend, I so wish I could put this information out there for free. I really do. There are a lot of back end costs associated with this webinar for me, not only to create it, but to host and maintain it as well. I've looked up similar webinars and they are all over $200 each. I don't need to price my webinar that high, but I do need to make sure I cover my previous and recurring costs for this webinar. I need to think about my family while thinking about your family. Thanks for understanding.

6. Is it really worth the money? Absolutely! Think of this webinar as a "teacher training" for YOU, the parent/teacher. We don't dive into other new jobs without training--teaching in our homeschool isn't any different. It's an affordable way for you to become familiar with the unique demands of homeschooling. This webinar is designed to save you a ton of time in your research so that you can move forward with confidence, support, and information. (The time you're going to save makes it worth it!)

7. Is this webinar religious based or secular? I'm very neutral. I would describe this webinar as secular (non-religious based). Know that I do mention Christian homeschooling when I talk about homeschool styles as well as curriculum. The webinar contains core information that is relevant to families who want to pursue either path (or a combination of both!)

8. What is your homeschool style? I'm an eclectic homeschooler.

9. What can this webinar offer me that other sources can't? My webinar covers a variety of topics (listed above in question 1). It includes what I've learned over my 10 years of homeschooling--my trials and errors, successes, failures, lessons, and everything in between--summed up in one place. It's like taking a friend out for coffee and picking their brain about homeschool. It's me saving you time, energy, and research by putting everything together in one place so that you can begin your homeschool journey equipped with the knowledge that took me over 10 years to gather. That's a HUGE advantage for a beginning homeschool parent! And one that catapults you into the game with greater confidence knowing that you can acquire resources, tips, tools, and support so that you can move forward with a positive mindset knowing you CAN do this!

10. How do I access the webinar? Go to the homepage (homeschool-explained.teachable.com) and "Sign Up." Fill in your name and email address, then create a password for your teachable.com account. (Teachable is great. I really trust them. After months of research, I feel confident in their mission and support of their clients/students). Once you sign up, you'll need to "enroll." When you click "Enroll Now" and pay the webinar fee, you'll gain access to the course's video and PDF instantly!

11. Do I have to watch the video all at once or can I pause it? You can totally pause it as needed! This webinar is on-demand. Once you buy it, you're a student for life. You can come in and out of your account as your schedule allows. So yes, pausing is totally an option...and a necessary one for parents.

12. I'm not homeschooling yet, is this webinar for me? Totally! If you're thinking about homeschool (soon or in the future) but don't know much about it--what it is, what it looks like, what you need to get started, what your state laws say, what supplies you need, if you're even qualified, etc.--then this webinar is for you! It's me pulling back the curtain and taking the mystery out of homeschool. It's giving you the information you need to make an educated decision about your child's education instead of relying on guesses. Let's face it, unless you were homeschooled yourself or know others who were homeschooled (& were very involved with them), you're not going to know much about homeschool...and that's okay! There's no shame in not knowing what homeschool looks like. Even with that not knowing, many of us are called to it anyway. It's actually really awesome when you consider homeschool as an option and take the time to look into it more. Deciding to homeschool isn't something you want to "guess" about. Taking the time to gather information from a fellow homeschooler can make a huge difference in clearing up misconceptions and show you what homeschool is "actually" like.

13. I've started homeschooling, is this webinar for me? It can be! I've had parents attend my in-person workshops who had already been homeschooling for a year or two, but just wanted to "check in" with another homeschool parent to make sure they were "on the right track." In this case, the webinar feels more like a consultation--like a meeting where you just want to see the what/when/how of what homeschool is like for other families. No shame in that either! We are always learning in homeschool--even as the parent! If this speaks to you, enroll in the webinar! You might find some resources you weren't already familiar with!

14. I've signed up but I can't see the video? Chances are you "joined" Teachable but haven't "enrolled" in the webinar. Teachable is the hosting site (they're awesome, btw). Homeschool Explained is the webinar. In order to access the webinar itself, you have to "enroll" and pay before you can access the video and downloadable PDF.

15. When can I watch it? On your own time! This webinar is on-demand. You can start it and stop it at your own pace. Watch it at home in your pajamas or listen to it while you're in the car. That's the beauty of this online format. The choice is yours!